Understanding Vape Coils and Atomizers

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      Atomizer. noun.  A device, as in an e-cigarette, that uses heat to vaporize a liquid or to release volatile compounds from a solid.it is essentially just a heating coil made from a piece of resistance wire that heats up in order to create vapor out of e-liquid.

     These atomizers, also referred to as vape coils, come in a variety of styles ranging from disposable coil heads to the do-it-yourself coil builds.The lower the ohms, the more power they will demand.

     Vape coils can be made out of various types of wire including kanthal, stainless steel, nickel and titanium. Atomizers requires a wicking material that feeds e-liquid to your vape coils. When you engage the vaporizer battery, the coil will heat up and turn the e-juice into warm, tasty vapor.

     Some atomizers are actually made of materials such as ceramic. Other alternatives used for wicking vape coils include stainless steel mesh, silica or ekowool. 



     Many great devices still use pre-made coils. These atomizers, often referred to as coil heads, are specifically designed for your particular device.

Each atomizer is rated at a different resistance and has an optimal wattage range.
     Some coils are geared towards high-wattage vaping, some low-wattage vaping and others are made to be used with temperature control mode. Specific vape coils can have an effect on the type of draw you get. Some are designed for direct lung vaping, while others for mouth-to-lung.
     If you’re somebody who likes to vape at lower wattages, we recommend using a vape coil with a higher resistance, meaning more ohms. Lower resistance coils require more power, but are also capable of producing more vapor. A sub ohm vape coil has a resistance lower than 1.0 ohm.
     Rebuildable atomizers require you to build your own vape coils for them. This can be a little bit tricky, and isn’t recommended for beginner vapers. However, once you get into rebuildable vape coils, the possibilities are endless. You can create the perfect coil tailored to your specifications.
     Building your own vape coils puts you at another advantage, which is that you can re-wick them. This is when you take the cotton, or whichever wicking material you use, and replace it with a fresh piece. You can also clean your coils off and get rid of any taste that may still be lingering.

   -Coil Heads-are made tobe used with a specific tank.

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   Are made to be used with a specific tank.They are more convenient than building your own coils.The typical lifespan for one is about a week,whick can get expensive.Premade coils aren't ideal for switching flavors,since they typically can't be re-wicked.

   -RDA-rebuildable dripping atomizer

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   Rebuildable dripping atomizer: an atty that does not have a tank; instead, users drip juice directly onto the wick.These devices require you to build coils and directly inhale the vapor that is produced just off of a few drops of ejuice onto the coil. These atomizers provide some of the most intense flavor, and often times incredible amounts of vapor. By and large, these rebuildable atomziers are fairly easy to build with your own vape coils after a little bit of practice.

    -RTA-rebuildable tank atomizer

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   Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, aka RTA’s are very similar to drippers in that you have to build your own coils, however they use a pressurized tank system to deliver the e-liquid to your vape coils to produce vapor and flavor.


    RBA stands for rebuildable atomizer, and usually refers to a part of a device that is meant to be rebuilt. Many tanks give you the option of using either pre-made vape coils or an RBA section.

     -RDTA, GTA, etc.

    There are a lot of other acronyms floating around such as RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer) and GTA (Genesis Tank Atomizer). They are all essentially just different variations of either a dripper or a tank, typically without a pressurized vacuum.

    An atomizer is defined as any device that creates mist out of liquid.In vaping,this term can be confusing,even expert vapers aren’t quite sure of its proper usage. But one thing for sure is that an atomizer is a device that creates vapor, whether it be a dripper or a tank, and vape coils are the elements that heat up inside.