What is a Clapton Coil?

Create Time:2018-07-25    Source: Shenzhen LTQ VAPOR Electronics Co.,Ltd

A Clapton coil is a vape wire consisting of a core of wire tigtly wrapped by, usually, a thinner gauge wire.

The first Clapton coil was created by an E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) member by the username of mrdee3. It consisted of a 24-gauge core with a 32-guage outer wrap. He came up with the idea while playing guitar because he realized that a guitar string had a lot of surface area. He created the wire by turning a strand of 24-gauge kanthal in a drill and winding 32-gauge kanthal wire around it.

Nowadays, there is a large variety of Clapton coils; you have the Alien Clapton, Staggered Fused Clapton, Framed Staple Clapton and many others. It has become a form of art.

The Pros of Clapton Coils

The advantages

*The major advantage of using Clapton coils is that they create larger surface area, which means more vapor
*They also create better flavors, although this is relative.
*It offers diversity in vaping than using the regular micro coils
*It makes vaping look cool, which elevate the status of vapers
*You’ll get warmer vapor and greater flavor intensity
*With Clapton coils, your e-liquid will be vaporized quickly

The Cons of Clapton coils

The disadvantages

*They take long to heat up and take time to cool down, which makes them not effective for one time vaping

*Heating thecoils consume more power, and this drains your batteries faster
*When left unused for a while, they dirt very easily which means you have to clean it up often
*They are time-consuming to create one manually (however, you can buy a pre-made one)